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The Human Rights Assembly of Institute for Studies of Human Rights Violations

has decided to award this

Dr. Mengele Prize

2015 Doctor Mengele Prize

to the Czech politicians

Václav Klaus, Miloslav Kalousek, Bohumil Sobotka, Pavel Bělobrádek, Jiří Dienstbier Jr., Andrej Babiš, Milan Chovanec, Karel Schwarzenberg, Václav Havel in memoriam, and Robert Pelikán


for human rights violations due to their current or past role in violating, support of violations, or ignoring violations of the Czech Constitutional Order, which includes the Constitution, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, and international human rights treaties, including International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which are listed under the Czech Law Ordinance No. 120/1976 Sb. That, which is stricter in the Constitutional Order, must prevail, and the rights guaranteed in the two Covenants must not be diminished. The state must always work towards their improvement. These rights, among others, include the right to have a job and the right to have an apartment. Both of these rights have been, after the fall of Communism, grossly violated by the post-Communist state. One of the biggest violations, per Global Slavery Index, is slavery. Another major violation is the way “exekuce” (seizure of property) are carried out, by so called “executors”, where for a non-existent or a minute debt, one often loses his home and becomes homeless, while these state-authorized officials can break into his home, while he is not there, and seize property without this person ever having to be served with any papers that he owes anything. They can even seize and sell in an auction property, which is in that home that belongs to someone else than the “debtor”. In regards to slavery, the Czech Republic has the highest percentage of slaves from the whole Europe. In summation, such gross human rights violations never ever existed during the era of socialism in Czechoslovakia. What is the worst is that the post-Communist regime, while being involved in these gross violations, or being responsible for them, had the nerve to repeatedly criticize other nations extensively for human rights violations, despite the fact that these nations violated them a lot less. Among the major gross human rights violations of the post-Communist regime is destruction of the highly developed culture, educational system, industries, creating homelessness, corruption, racial discrimination, judicial and police system, which totally ignores the laws and the Constitutional order, fabricates false charges and evidence, locks people in prison or mental institutions for life for crimes they have not committed, or for mental conditions, which they do not have. It also keeps the minimum wage and pension at about one-half the level, which corresponds to the state of the Czech economy, by allowing tunneling of funds (on a similar magnitude as is the size of the state budget) to tax heavens, to gray and black markets, allows siphoning of state purchase orders due to bribes, etc. 



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