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The Human Rights Assembly of Institute for Studies of Human Rights Violations

has decided to award this

Dr. Mengele Prize

2016 Doctor Mengele Prize

to a man of Prestice, Czech Republic and Siargao Island, Philippines

Roman Čadek

for his racial hatred towards the Filipinos and other nationalities, for using racial  derogatory comments about the president of Philippines, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, for his desire for cocaine in a country, which is fighting with a drug problem. The prize is awarded for his hate of other races with dark skin, for cheating his Czech ex wife of her money either directly or via crooked judges, lawyers, policemen, crooked relatives. etc., for indirectly threatening his ex wife and a person, who tried to help her, with a murder, including via butcher, via Filipino messenger (killer), via gypsies, who would kill, etc. Despite his absolute hate of both the Filipinos and the Gypsies, he, in his phoniness befriended them and implied indirectly that they would harm the people, who he defrauded. He claims that he visited the family of Adolf Hitler in Argentina. He lied in the courtroom that he is without any financial means and that his wife should financially support him. He provided the court with phony tax returns and claimed that he operates in a number of Asian countries, where it is not customary to use receipts for tax purposes. He lives with a Filipino woman in the Philippines and has two kids with her. The Philippine property is officially hers, but in actuality, he is the owner. At the same time he, on Czech internet pages, uses the following racial slurs:



·         Filipinos are monkeys. Compared to them, an idiot is Einstein. He writes: "Kill them, beat them with a stick, cut off their hands!" He feels like being in a monkey zoo pavilion.

·         He wants Muslim emigrants in the Philippines only as shark feed. Arabs are “shitty” people.

·         The loud, phony, unpleasant Filipinos are getting more and more stupid. It is a nation of cavemen, who are totally stupid idiots. He writes: "I would kill them. They are not people."

·         Instead of caviar Filipinos eat rats.

·         These cavemen are not people. Only fucking Filipino can mix drinks wrong. It is a gang of unbelievably stupid people.

·         Niggers are flowing to Europe. If you make a Filipino into a paste, the paste can give you hard-on for 3 days. The yellow Filipino paste could be good for oiling American engines.

·         A dark skinned man, who was born in Sweden, according to him, cannot be Swedish.

·         For a change the barber is not a faggot.

·         I must drink rum, because hard drugs are not available here. Some tourist can consider these people to be nice, but for me they are scum. What a pity that an employee of a store in the Czech Republic alerted the police of a large drug shipment. He must be a total moron, because it could be sold for 12 million dollars.

·         Cadek’s dreaming about cocaine. "Somebody please give me good thick line of coke, or I’ll die because of the Filipinos. I need a line of coke! I’m making some meat today. I would love to fill it with coke.

·         They are so stupid. I could use couple tons of Napalm.

·         He uses derogatory word about the Gypsies. He does not want to participate in the Filipino elections and get elected a king of the monkeys. He would want o win the elections only if it would mean getting unlimited free cocaine.

·         Cadek calls the president of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte “pinoisy,” which means “loud, phony, unpleasant Filipino” and hopes that "the pope will send him back to the jungle."




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